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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two down, too many to go!

Whether you blog, podcast or use a wiki, its all about communicating! Recently two of my administrators expressed interest in starting to blog. (I was DELIGHTED!)
Of course, my choice of setting up an easy to use blog was right here, so you can now see my administrators @
sandsofsappington or signin2Sandfort
Well, I have several more administrators to encourage, but I think by looking at these as models, it will be even easier for them to jump into Web 2.0. I have gotten comments that blogging is easy, and I have to agree, it is very easy to keep a log of your thoughts, trials, tribulations. I have the best job in the world.
Speaking of best job in the world, I'm on my way to spend time at the Googleplex this week. I am already in awe, I can only imagine the collaboration and high level thinking that will be done during my time together with 49 other people from around the world....Thank you Cheryl for the great pic I "borrowed" from our GTA wiki...I look forward to meeting you f2f~soon!

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