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Sunday, December 21, 2008

199.9 Mike and 800 pounds of Iron

Yes, this is how my husband and I spent our Saturday before Christmas watching our 25 year old son lift 800 pounds...that's 4 times his weight, yes, nobody I know can do this..including the"heavyweights" that were at this competition too!
Unbelieveable determination and drive...and before you start thinking he's all brawn and no brain...he's finishing up his masters and on to his doctorate in exercise phys...yes, that's me in the green taking the shot...I'm one of his biggest fans!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Move Forward, Move On

So, when you are faced with thought processes that don't line up with your you move on or do you move forward and work around "those"? Lately, I feel like moving ... and I have in a forward direction (imho) but some are not moving with me..

I enjoy sharing my learning processes and engaging in forward thinking conversations..I just need more face to face people that can do this.

Which is why I lean on my PLN daily for inspiration, perspiration and challenging me to keep movin!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I can wait....

I can wait a little longer for things I care about. ..
A good laptop to help me with my work at my school.
Some productive time to finish up my presentations I will be giving shortly.
Time spent with my family this holiday season.
Getting my health balanced.
*is this not the coolest and wierdest picture at the same time? Found it on Flickr Storm...LOVE that image site!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My wallet feels strangely free

Waaaay back in September of 2002, when our oldest left for college, we felt somewhat of a cushion as we made tuition payments. BUT, YOU N E V E R (never should be in BOLD 72 font!) save enough.
So, we started "sacrificing", working extra jobs (really opportunities) and some how, some way the day finally came. The last tuition bill for our "baby" was paid in full wallet feels strangely free and I never thought this day would come! But it did soooooo...I"M GONNA CELEBRATE ALL WEEKEND!!