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Thursday, December 10, 2009

SOITA Conference and Sketchup Surprise!

I had the BEST time at the Ohio SOITA Conference! I am very appreciative that Larry invited me to Keynote the first day and my friend Meg followed up on Day Two..just wish we (Meg and I) could have had some time together besides the 30 second Video Skype call!
So, during a break in my presentations, I wandered over to the student area because I wanted to see what they were up to..and these guys with the big smiles, proceeded to share with me their sketchups they have been doing the past week and loving it!
I spoke with their Teacher and it turns out, they were all set to show another project, when one of them found out about Sketchup and asked for it to be put on his computer. The Tech at the school "didn't know how" and this fourth grader figured it out and downloaded it on all the laptops they had brought to the conference. The Teacher "wasn't sure" exactly how or what they were doing, but they would show her they were making models of their school and I have to agree --self taught, a week into using Sketchup...what a surprise, they were rockin!