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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blogs and Wikis

I'm doing a consulting gig yesterday..(aka too much fun) about using blogs and wikis in the educational arena, and as I'm talking, I realize I have not been consistently blogging and I should. I have been able to look at other educational blogs lately and finding some really good rich material to ponder, utilize and pass on.

So, I'm throwing down-- so to speak -- I will begin my educational/instructional thought processes from here on out..with an occasional relapse to talk about family, friends, and life in life is SOO much more than just my "work"...which is really fun to begin with.

This month has been full of good things and great places and folks...but I've learned alot about ME lately and that's cool mantra these days?


I've had that sign posted for EVER...and really, its the ONLY thing we do have control over!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Blog, blog, crazy blog

My life has been FILLED with good moments lately and I have to apologize for my not keeping up with a thought or two down for posterity..BUT...I have a thought!

I am delighted to report that PRESENTATION ZEN has transformed my life/slide presentations and also those of my grad students. They are starting to turn in their final projects and I'm so excited about their LEARNING and now, how many students will

a. stay awake for them

b. understand the message

c. actually retain the knowledge

d. all of the above

D D D D !!! Seriously, jump over to Amazon and buy this easy read, this is NOT a commercial, this is an order...Buy Presentation Zen and transform yourself and your slides!