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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Before February passes me by....

You know that goal of blogging regularly and taking the time to reflect? Well, it didn't happen in February at all. I decided I had more important things to do and I shall challenge myself in March to reflect more often on my learning and growing..
Highlights of February included a wonderful grouping of stellar conferences that I presented and attended and more importantly met new friends that make me think.
My favorite is David Zach, from Milwaukee. He is a futurist that keynoted at the ITSC conference in Oregon and really gave a good talk. I hope to carry on more conversations with him when he travels to St. Louis soon...yep, face to face conversations are always the best!
I also worked online with some great teachers in Maryland with Google Earth and their STEM project. Garmins are fitting in well with their curriculum and I'm looking forward to seeing some of their final projects!
I was also able to work face to face with some great teachers in Illinois and Florida. Ok, I have to admit, the weather was stellar in Florida and it was also my birthday...what a gift it was NOT to wear a coat!!!