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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm alive, alert and ready to do!

GOOGLE NIGHT BEFORE:having too much fun. Went to dinner last night with the (GCT dinner club we are calling ourselves), cause we've already made plans to do a webinar together..and continue discussions...
I impressed them when I sat down and told them each of their names...(duh, their pics are on the wiki) Darren from Australia is very nice and he is picking my brain about staff dev. Brian, a local pointed us to two great dining places...dishdash was the name of the place...mediterrean and delicious..MaryFran --well you get the idea, EVERYONE shared "stuff" and it is the same everywhere...
Everyone feels like I do, how lucky we are, we really can't believe it...etc..
Saw the YAHOO building and a great street called INNOVATION...wouldn't you love to work on a street called INNOVATION??

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