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Sunday, June 22, 2008

THIS bothers me..

Everyday I read the newspaper..(for those of you who need some education) that is that rolled up thing you'll see on some people's lawn in the early morning hours if you are out joggin or God forbid, just coming home.
The newspaper reminds me of my growing up years, we used to get TWO newspapers at my home when I was growing up! (maybe that is where I became an avid reader, ya think?) I love sitting down and going from stem to stern with the newspaper during the weekend...weekdays, I gobble up the sports section in the summer time BASEBALL!, and normally, all the front section and everyday with the funnies...some of them STILL make me laugh out loud!
So, my weekend begins and I'm reading the front section and lo and behold I read about a high school in Glouster, MA and this could be any high school really. There is a disturbing amount of pregnancies this year...hmmm, usually there is an average of 4 (which is four too many, duh!) but this year...17. Yes, that is a one and a seven.
Why? Ok, let's think about this bad? Everyone has to say indoors? Lack of sex education? Did the School Board vote down that subject again? Hormones in the water? Condoms gone bad?
Guess again.
Seems a group of girls decided to make a pact to "get pregnant and raise their kids together"...Where, oh where, is anyone that cares for these terribly misguided girls? Can we get these parents together and well, I'm just too sad to think about what I would like to do with these parents...Education begins at home and how about throwing in some unconditional love and support..and whoops...I'm off my soapbox..
Nothing "techy" today folks..this story grabbed my the way, the majority of them succeeded...sigh...

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