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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Say cheese!

I just got done reading an article about photos which should never have been posted online. Hello? Maybe, these people should think twice, no, in these particular instances they should reflect three times before putting their stoopid pictures online for the world and their employers to see.
I have to tip my hat though to the "smartest" man. He was soo proud of the fact he had won a body building strong man competition and not only had pictures of his buff body in a speedo for the world to see, but a video was on youtube also! It would have been great, however, he had just been awarded disability because of back problems two weeks before the contest. wow...I hope his back feels better soon, cause he is going to be spending quite a bit of time standing in the unemployment line.
We should take these real life stories and share with students the stupidity, unethical, you fill in the blank circumstances and learn from them. We can start with character education and go up to ethics and end up in COMMON SENSE...hopefully!

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