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Friday, September 12, 2008

My Vista View

Is Vista a vermin? Seems NOBODY that I listen to has anything good to say about it.
I was listening to two grad students last night whining about the fact that VISTA had lost two very important files, (meaning papers that were due)..yes, they went through the proper search means and found nothing...scary...
So, I jumped in and talked about "cloud computing"..a concept they hadn't heard of (it's so cool to explain something new to grad students!)
So, I explained had they kept those files in google docs, they would still have them, they would be "in the clouds" so to speak...yep, we learn lessons everyday. I didn't bother to tell them I learned my lesson the hard way too! There is nothing worse than being done with a paper--go to send it in..and poof...magically GONE! viewpoint.

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ThurzNite said...

Sorry to hear people are still having bad experiences w/Vista. I may be the only person who would believe it's ok! I love it's indestructibility. XP's solid, but still crashes.. Vista... not once had to force-reboot. And when programs crash, it does so gracefully.
I do agree that without SP1, Vista is slow and cumbersome. SP1 fixed a lot of that. It's only marginally slower than when I had XP SP3.
I'm still getting used to the interface, even after 6 months of daily usage. I had to enable "classic" colors/themes/menus.
Of the people I know running vista, Haven't heard of them losing files. Sorry about your friends. :( If they're using Office, well, maybe try OpenOffice, or like u suggested ,Google Docs.