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Monday, September 22, 2008


Whew, deep breath, just got done doing an all day training with 27 of my Lindbergh Teachers. We have started our path on the ELITE II Program. and by Dec 1st, we will have 99 Teachers rockin..
In the past, we have used my free zoomerang account to configure an assessment piece, and I always had to worry about printing it out before it ended (hey the free one works like that!) and .... yesterday!
Today, I made a GOOGLE FORM, incorporating all of my assessment questions, I then took the URL and threw it in to make a short URL and then they went online and filled it out...prints out as a pdf (so I can give it to my boss) and these Teachers are so lucky!! Not only do they get all of the deep PD that goes with ELITE, but they also get to be Googlized...and they liked it!!!

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