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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rockin at the eMINTS Conference!

Looking forward to attending the emints conference this upcoming week in Columbia, MO. Even more excited to deliver my Keynote Presentation "Tuning Up for the Next Ten Years!" Wow, eMINTS is celebrating their 10th anniversary and I couldn't be MORE proud to be part of this great organization.
My personal story in this organization was one of complete luck. As a new employee of a small school district, I was asked if I wanted to become an emints trainer. "Sure", I said, I never turn down an opportunity for educational growth! Then, my whole thinking changed, morphed, became so much more enlightened by embracing the philosophy of eMINTS. I have since then, trained two groups of stellare educators and have seen the magic of eMINTS. It has rocked my world for so many years, and will continue to rock the educational world for many years. Eight states and Australia proves that point every day!

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