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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two years? Is that true?

Wow, time does go by fast when you are having fun! Life definitely got a lot more fun these last few months and I just have to pause for a minute today and reflect on my direction, my donation to the educational technology arena and my devotion to technology.
When people ask me why I blog, I tell them I do it for my own self reflection only. Yes, it would be nice to have throngs of people reading my stellar writing, (but think about the pressure too!) I blog so I can look at my old writings, maybe see some growth and definitely smile at all of my shenanigans!
I've had the EXTREME pleasure of working with some great educators across this planet and it's just a gift to hear and see their passion! I was on a plane recently and sat next to a wonderful, personable lady who shared her own love of educational technology and we spent the entire plane ride talking about the MANY benefits of document cameras!
These past two years have been full of wonderful suprises, the BEST becoming a Google Certified Teacher and the worst...hah! There aren't any! I've grown and enjoyed every moment and looking forward....ALWAYS looking forward with my glass (at least) HALF FULL!

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