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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My new friend and I were lamenting at lunch the other day, if we ruled the world ....
Ok, I'm here to tell you if someone wants to give me a million dollars, I'm waaay cool with that...
But, seriously, if I ruled the earth ..
1. All Teachers would make the same amount.
2. That "amount" would be in high double digits!
3. All Teachers would have the same technology, and to go along with that rule, we also need the same amount of coaching and P.D. (paid of course)
4. All Teachers would have great benefits, respect and time to create great 21st century lessons.
...Hey, its my dream!
But, in the meantime, if you want to get something for your classroom, hurry over to, tax time is fast approaching, and people are just waiting to give you some financial support for your classroom!


Live and Learn said...

Hey. Thank you for reminding me about donorschoose. I put an app today for 6 flip cams for my classroom. When my app is posted, I plan to tweet a link to it on twitter. Thought you'd want to know what a monster you are creating here, Googlelady!

Anonymous said...

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