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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Second Life Thoughts

By the title of this blog, you've already formulated your opinion...YEAH, SL rocks! or What the heck is she talking about THAT stuff for?
Well, thanks to my PLN of Google Certified Teachers and the first time the highlighted presenter couldn't show up (seriously, Beth, when the ice melts we'll try again!) I learned so much in a short time last night about SL.
Let's back up a bit, I did download the program, I did create a very cool name (sippina latte), that's it.
I heard David Warlick kick it down stating "The coolest thing you can do in Second Life is fly".. Really? That's it? I admire all that David does, but I'm gonna forge onward on my path of learning SL with some great GCTs...Peggy Sheehy, Lisa Thuman, Alice Barr...are you kidding? These ladies rock and I hope they can hold my hand when I step onto the ISTE isle...then MY hands will clap loudly!

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Kat Skratch said...

How does one get involved with second life out of curiosity? :)