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Monday, December 31, 2007

GOOD BYE 2007!

Before the family heads out to the 26th Annual Lane Pajama Party--I feel the need to close up 2007. Ok, as usual, each year has its ups and downs...I LIKE to think more UPS so I'm gonna concentrate on the good things and hope that 08 has twice as much! (hey, I can be greedy if I want!)
Top GREAT things about 2007..not in any particular order..
1. Started blogging..I need to focus more on professional blogging rather than personal for 08, but found it to be a great way to rethink situations, etc.
2. Jumped on twitter and now I get to learn even MORE each day from colleagues I know and others I haven't met f2f ...yet!
3. Have a full understanding and some great ideas of carrying web. 2.0 into my teacher's classrooms for ELITE iii..(starts in February)
4. Have another "me" in my department since August...Colin is cool, makes me think and laugh...which is ALWAYS good! I'm learning as much from him as he is from me...well, I certainly hope so!
5. Shared my knowledge base with sooo many wonderful teachers this year, both f2f and online!
6. My children are now young thriving adults and making (crossed fingers) good decisions!
7. Met some outstanding people this year and continue to be impressed with how much they make me stretch my brain.

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