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Saturday, November 17, 2007


Yesterday, during a Promethean Show and Go (which btw are AWESOME tools!!!) we had a trivia question about presidents...ok, who was the 13th president? Yeah, that's right Millard Fillimore! (excuse me, who would name their kid Millard? It is like naming your son Sue...anyway..) Today, I'm driving with my hubby (who knows so damn many useless facts I find fascinating!) I tell him about the trivia contest and how I had to guess the 13th President, and before I could get it out of my mouth (and everyone knows how fast I can talk!) he looks at me and says FILLMORE...ok, you ask, how does Joe know? DIE HARD was one of the clues where the bomb was, it was at Fillmore Elementary School...geez...
Pardon, I digress, so the last thing on my list before '08 starts, I'm gonna know all of the President's in order of office (never mind the 42 elections and 43 presidents gig) I just think, that, as an adult and as an American, you SHOULD KNOW!!

Um, Washington, >>>????????

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