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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Learn EVERY day!

Every day I look forward to learning something new, whether its learning how to throw a caber (last Saturday) or my first love, web 2.0 apps. Well, thanks to my gem of a new friend, Miguel Guhlin, I learned how to collaborate with Google docs-presentation editor. We were charged with making the voicethread to give further understanding to receiving credit for the K12 online conference. Neither one of us had done it before, so do you know what we did? Dove in, of course! Sometimes, reckless abandon is the right course of action! Between skype, google docs, elluminate --its beautiful! After we had the presentation done (in a matter of 20 minutes), we skyped with Oklahoma (Wes) and London (Terry) to get their approval, several screen shots later, the voicethread was born..ahem, I feel so proud! Most of all, I'm proud to be part of this awesome committee...WOW!
JUMP IN...the K12 conference is about to begin!!

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